Feasibility Study

Rather than expending resources on a subjective decision-making process, Peak Consulting will determine the feasibility and requirements for a new venture (including operational, marketing, staffing and financial), before you pull the trigger.

This analysis characterizes level of support and provides specific planning recommendations including budget. The full analysis addresses market, operations, organization, budget and planning needs to implement the new program.

Peak specializes in well-researched, provider-specific feasibility studies that address the entire continuum of inpatient and outpatient care, for the creation of new program. Our studies include:

  • Conducting comprehensive operational assessments of existing services
  • Designing innovative service options
  • Defining the potential market for prospective programs
  • Determining the type and demand for a geographic region, state, or area
  • Forecasting financial impact of establishing various services
  • Assisting with Certificate of Need activities