Clinical Content

Peak Consulting combines content knowledge in health care and human services with proficiency in the field of program evaluation to notify policy and program implementation.

Peak Consulting works with staff that includes specialists in qualitative and quantitative methods who uphold research objectivity and rigor, and use the most fitting research design to assess the effectiveness of specific programs or policies.

Peak Consulting has knowledge and skill in conducting various types of assessments, evaluations, and studies:

  • Program Development – Peak will work to develop a rigorous and structured clinical acumen for your new or existing program.
  • Formative Evaluations – direct initial implementation decision making to fine-tune strategies for engaging program participants and delivering program services and activities.
  • Implementation Evaluations – offer a thorough understanding of the demographics of program participants, the setting in which the program operates, the precise services provided, and the procedures used for service delivery, as well as the program outputs and short-term products including client satisfaction.