Clients & Testimonials

  “Peal Consulting brings a unique combination of personal insights and professional experience to the world of substance abuse treatment. As the addiction treatment and mental health recovery experts, Peak Consulting Partners speak the “language of the heart” and understand the fundamentals of the 12 step process. As a business partner, they also know the art of the deal, and their experience in strategic partnering has strengthened the Jaywalker brand and provided us with a competitive advantage in our sector of this complex marketplace” -Bob Ferguson, Founder and CEO, Jaywalker Lodge, LLC
“I have had the good fortune to work for and with Peak Consulting Partners throughout my treatment professional career. Their management, planning, and motivational skills are second to none. Coupled with Peak’s passion for recovery and dedication to role-modeling these concepts in both their professional and family life, Peak Consultatnts stand out in a vast sea of players in the field. Using their wealth of knowledge and experience in addiction and mental health recovery, they are known for obtaining and maintaining results. I highly recommend Peak Consulting Partners to those seeking success in this complex industry.” -Curt G Maddon, President, MaddMarketing, LLC
“Peak Consulting Partners is a perfectly collaborative group of brilliant minds with a forward-facing perspective and understanding on a rapidly shifting marketplace. Many of the changing internet and marketing strategies are difficult for us to understand, so having the Peak team in our corner is truly invaluable.” – Gary Fisher, COO, Cirque Lodge, Inc.